GFW's Music Extravaganza Weekend

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Strathclyde University, 90 John St, Glasgow, Scotland

A packed two-day course in traditional fiddle styles sponsored by the Glasgow Folk-music Workshop at Strathclyde University. It is open to all levels of players and there are also classes for non-fiddlers.

The weekend will culminate in a concert performance for the general public on Sunday evening at 7:00 pm, also at Strathclyde U. Several local favorite musicians will offer cameo performanes, among them being Finlay Allison, Nigel Gatherer, and Murray Granger.

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Course description as follows: Saturday Classes 10:00 am–12:30 pm Technique Class for all bowed strings Beginner to Advanced All players at any level will benefit from this class

Segment 1 Jamie will teach the fundamentals of playing with good tone, developing excellent pitch, being able to stay relaxed and pain-free while developing speed and dexterity. Easy exercises will be taught which are simple for beginners to learn but can (and should) be practiced by advanced players forever. When you sound good, you enjoy listening to yourself and everyone around you will appreciate your music more.

Segment 2 Get Maximum Results All players at any level will benefit from this class

How to learn new tunes efficiently, how to memorize music and ween yourself off the printed page, how to play up to session tempo, how to practice efficiently for maximum results in the least amount of time. 1-3 traditional, but less known, tunes will be taught.

1:30 pm–4:00 pm Ensemble Class for all instruments Beginner to Advanced All players at any level will benefit from this class

How to fit in when there are multiple people playing, session etiquette to be well-liked and respected. How to have good group cohesion, get everyone playing with a nice, tight groove. Effective accompaniments for chord players. Avoiding hurt feelings and band politics. How to go about booking a gig. Performance considerations.

Sunday Classes 11:00 am–1:00 pm Celtic Styles for Fiddlers Some of the techniques shown will be challenging for less experienced players, but all players at any level will take something valuable home from this class.

In-depth examination of ornamentation techniques, cool and important rhythmic concepts for each tune type (march, strathspey, reel, jig, hornpipe), very hip and great-sounding bowing (slur) patterns, ideal tempo choices. Comparison between Irish, Bretagne, Scottish, and Canadian styles. 1-4 new tunes will be taught in the class.

2:00 pm–4:00 pm Creating Great Arrangements All instruments welcome All levels of players will learn something new to take home from this class.

This class will cover how to choose tunes that fit together into interesting and exciting sets (medleys). How to play for ceilidh dances. How to start a band. How to transition seamlessly from one tempo to another in the same medley. How to infuse a tune with rhythmic lift and vitality. What makes the audience perk up their ears. Ideas for how to go about writing your own tunes.

Some of the chord theory might feel challenging for some of the less experienced players, but there will still be plenty of rudiments taught alongside fancier concepts.

Sunday Night Final Concert An intimate evening of traditional music from around the Celtic diaspora highlighting blistering virtuosity, expressive slow airs, and interspersed with engaging mythic tales and humors anecdotes.

Jamie has invited several local players to join him a some delightful collaborations. Finlay Allison, Nigel Gatherer, and Murray Grainger are just some of the surprise guest performers in store.