“One of the hottest fiddlers out there...this act has been turning heads wherever it plays.” -Asheville Citizen-Times Take 5

“Armed with superb technique, fluid dexterity, and subtle bowing techniques, Laval brings a purity of tone that is unparalleled.”
-Dirty Linen Magazine


“Rapidly becoming one of the best known international Celtic performers. Intricate Scottish and Irish tunes intermingle with Laval’s quick dry wit, charming stories, and well-versed history.”
-Carol Rifkin, Asheville Scene

“Record crowds attended [Carl Sandburg Folk Festival] in anticipation of your performance. Your Celtic music was exquisite and we really enjoyed your rapport with the audience.”
-H. Tyrone Brandyburg, U.S. Dept. of the Interior

“Subtle and energetic at the same time...One can only gasp in admiration.” -Sing Out! Magazine

“The next Alasdair Fraser.” -Press and Post, Scotland



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Asheville Scene
Hendersonville Times-News
Department of the Interior
Ashland Oregon Revels
Santa Barbara News Press
Rapid River Asheville
Victory Music Review
Scotland Press and Post
Asheville Take 5